Me As Diha Balan – Shihan Mihiranga

Me As Diha Balan - Shihan Mihiranga (6356 downloads)

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    6 Comments on "Me As Diha Balan – Shihan Mihiranga"

  1. Anjalee says:

    Its really nice…

  2. Kush Amaze says:

    keli nam hithe hatiyata

  3. Tharidu Viraj says:

    lassanay song aka

  4. Madu says:

    this is the most beautiful song i have ever heard…. this song reminds me how i lost my love ..but i got my love again because of this song…. i cant stop crying when i listen to this song… i cant explain that felling in words.i love this very much………

  5. Tishani Dwsilva says:

    Tishani de silva. ela kiri

  6. Tharushijka says:

    Nice song,Ireally like this..