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December 7, 2011 by:

We have forced to remove these photos of “Hansi Wijewickrama”.

Hello There
I am writing on behalf of Hansi Wijewickrama. We have seen pictures you have posted of her on your website. We ask kindly you take these pictures down immediately. You have not asked us, or her to use these pictures. It’s also violating her privacy. We ask you take these pictures down as soon as possible. If not we will have to go to the police and get our lawyers to contact you. Thank you very much
Team at lassana beauty
Hi there,
People have written on lion.lk about me, I have not shared this information with them. Please remove all content under my name – Hansi wijewickrama
All the bloggers seems to be from Sri lanka. These blogs and my information shared has become a issue for me, I didn’t even know these were published. So please remove all.
Hansi Wijewickrama
Sri lankan model e.t.c
Thank you